• Crystal Fever

Prince Samael began an investigation to uncover his father, VI. The circumstances of the death of King Borax. He felt that his fate, and at the same time the whole fate of Ghalla, depended on what he would end up with in the end. He could only start the research with a single track. If he wanted to unravel the secret, he first had to figure out exactly what material this mysterious khadil crystal was? Where does it come from and where is it located? Is it some kind of alien life form? Or the result of a magical experiment? Maybe a natural formation?

While researching the secret of the khadil, Samael slowly realized that the crystal was all of these at once! The khadil crystal relentlessly sealed the fate of the technocratic moats in prehistoric times, and in the not-too-distant future it will unleash a madness to which Hallha has not been able to cope with any of the invasions he has endured so far. In order to obtain it, thousands of fortune hunters set out to map the wilderness of the distant West and track down this strange matter, the Crystal Fever begins. The crystal changes what it comes in contact with, be it a living organism or an inanimate substance. Its magical power helps create relics and operates strange machines, but when ground to a powder, it also has a terrible effect as a propellant.

The crystal thus causes chaos, but also plays a key role in solving it, thus tying together the fate of all of Ghalla and all its inhabitants. Through the pages of the supplement, we gain an insight into the events of the past, present, and future, all of which are somehow connected to the mysterious khadil crystal.

The novelty of the add-on is that the two-color cards return. According to the original rule, the condition for playing two-color cards was to have a card of one of the colors in play. This rule is abolished with the advent of Crystal Fever. Duality will only mean that the card counts as both colors at the same time (so it determines 2 of your colors at once in tournament decks).

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Crystal Fever

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