banner has been renewed!

2021.03.17 10:07, AK

Dear players, dear customers!

After a long planning and development, I am pleased to write that the Dungeon site and web store have been renewed!

Not only did it get a new look, but the website was served by a new server and the store also got a new engine! The new site already knows everything you need to know in 2021, as opposed to the old, many-year-old website!

The design and color scheme are similar to the previous ones, but what is behind it, almost everything has changed, and many new ones have been added:

- The most important thing is that not at the cost of a little work, but we managed to separate and manage the store and webshop stock separately: the size of the stock immediately available on the net per product is now up (all information is displayed by clicking on the product!), So the previous stock -analyses can be avoided!

- The site became bilingual (Hungarian and English), which in some places resulted in funny and fun translations; and not incidentally, this makes it easier for our customers who order from across the border to make a purchase! (language selection in the upper left corner)

- A "bonus point" system has been introduced on the site, which works as follows:

For every 100 HUF spent, you get 1 bonus point and all products can be purchased - without money! -, just for bonus points! Points are automatically calculated and recorded after each purchase. Points have no expiration date and do not expire, so they can be used at any time! (Clicking on a product displays the size of the stock, the number of bonus points required for your purchase, and the price in bonus points)

- It is also important that our old customers have to re-register for the new Dungeon website on their first purchase, because the previous database has been deleted!

- In the Dungeon, more emphasis will be placed on e-commerce sales than before, so the inventory and prices will change much more dynamically than before - so it's worth checking in for new products every day! When the new web store was launched, several types of goods - not yet included - were stocked!

- You can buy with permanent discounts without special registration and membership!

- Until May 1, with the coupon code "dungeon21", everyone who buys at least HUF 10,000 will receive a discount of HUF 1,500 when paying! The coupon can be used more than once until it expires!

- Dungeon promotional cards are still included as a gift with purchases: For every HUF 10,000 spent, you can choose 1 piece from the set (Dungeon, The Force Field of the Dungeon, The Spirit of the Dungeon, The Keys of the Dungeon, The Mirror of the Dungeon, The Servant of the Dungeon), and for every HUF 25,000 you also get 1 piece of the foil version of these pages! (while stocks last!)

We wish all our dear customers a pleasant purchase and viewing on our renewed site!

Krisztián Abbas