• The Lord of the Rings: Evil Races and Wonderful Magic

“Not all of his servants and vassals are nightmares.
They include orcs and trolls, werewolves and werewolves. ”
Gandalf, The Association of the Ring

Who knows what lurks in the wilderness of Middle-earth?

Armed with the knowledge in the book, you can already answer this question. Even in the wonderful world of Middle-earth, there are evil races whose names have planted fear in everyone's hearts, except the most powerful. The Free Peoples also have tools against the darkness, but the most important of these are the magical forces hidden in the mystical relics.

Evil races and miraculous magic pull the veil off both sides of the battlefield and describe the details of the most horrible creatures, including nazguls, olifants, dragons, and hell vultures, and the magic items that heroes can confront.
It is called Evil Races and Wonderful Magic
additional content:

• Detailed description and in-game knowledge of dozens of creatures and beasts in Middle-earth, from buckamans to werewolves.
• Detailed system for creating new monsters and animals, rules to ensure an equal fight between them and player characters.
• The role of creatures, animals and magic items in the Lord of the Rings role-playing game.

By Scott Bennie, Mike Mearls, Steve Miller, Aaron Rosenberg, Chris Seeman, Owen Seyler, George Strayton
Language Hungarian
Published: 2004
Size: 96 pages
Cover painter: Dan Burns
ISBN number: 963 7041 07 9
Knitting: Glued cardboard
Translator: Csilla Kleinheincz

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The Lord of the Rings: Evil Races and Wonderful Magic

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