• Gallia MMXX: Kukucskafal megapax

Gallia MMXX is a reworked and expanded edition of Gallia released 25 years ago. An adventurous and crazy role-playing game based on a 6-sided dice. This is the first add-on to the Gallia MMXX role-playing game released this year, which includes essential add-ons to the overall gaming experience. Red-necked lucky winner: "Something stinks in the city of Arelate, and secrets lurk everywhere. Nothing is what it seems, and there are some things that are exactly what it seems, but you can explain all kinds of madness in things, can't you? Investigation, danger, action, excitement and of course a huge role play! Just like in a good cinema. " Rules raw, filamentous: "In any case, we took it back from the joke, and we discussed the rules of the Gallia MMXX role-playing game objectively and infinitely in the pages of the rule supplement." Contents of the publication: 1 A / 4 - 8-page color screen with all the statistics so you can get the right information right away and go smoothly 1 A / 2 - color strategic map of the city of Arelate to help you get a better view of the city 1 A / 2 - color betting strategy map where all stories start and where opponents can be ruined 1 piece A / 5 - Rules raw, threaded rule booklet (as a supplement to the basic book), where we explain everything amazingly objectively and without humor! 1 pc A / 5 - The red-necked lucky Gallia MMXX adventure module, the first official adventure module in the game with a lot of madness! :)

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Gallia MMXX: Kukucskafal megapax

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