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Gyula Böszörményi's series of dream catcher novels - novels aimed primarily at young people are based on the Hungarian fairy tale world, but take place in today's world. A Hungarian fantasy, which has been and is a huge success, boasts tens of thousands of copies sold. This world is a great backdrop for a card game.

Very young children, up to 8-9 years old, can learn. At the same time, there are plenty of tactical possibilities in the game, and adults who love to play with thought will definitely be tied down. You don’t have to count much, and the cards themselves aren’t complicated either, but our decisions carry weight. The base deck consists of 160 cards, from which a lot of different types of concepts can be put together: "horde", large essential deck, event-based (in HKK they might correspond to spells), direct damage, and so on. There are a total of five card types: revolving, dream creature, instant and general spell, event. Each type has a different colored frame, so the cards and playing field are easy to see at a glance. The graphic design is the merit of Zsolt Ruzsinszki, whose work you can already know well about the covers of the beholdered books and the many beautiful HKK pages.

Your pilots, led by the two players, duel with each other to obtain the title of firefighter as their leader. In combat, they are assisted by dream creatures, and the outcome of the fight is influenced by spells and events. At the beginning of the game, you both have 15 glory points. If a player refuses a rookie’s challenge, he loses a glory point; if, on the other hand, you successfully defeat the challenger, you will receive a glory point. The duel is won by the first person to reduce his opponent's glory points to zero. The cards, like HKK, can be played out of magic points, but the combat system is very different. Several dueles can be initiated in a round, but in a round there is always a duel and an assistant. In the case of rebels, you decide whether to cast them as a duel (then their magic counts) or as an assistant (then their ability written on them). This in itself provides a number of combination options, but the outcome of the fight can also be affected by surprisingly played instant spells. The protagonists of the Dream Catcher series take the stage, and even some really powerful rafters ...

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Witch cheater - booster package

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