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Dark dangers and great deeds await Welcome to Faerûn, a land of noble magic, ancient ruins and hidden miracles. From the forbidden forests of the Silver Swamps to the crowded cities on the shores of the Inland Sea, the continent reveals glittering kingdoms, monster-ridden steppes, endless cave systems, and a multitude of evil fortifications. The Forgotten Realms campaign set provides a comprehensive description of a whole fantasy world. In this book you will find everything you need for a Dungeons Dragons adventure in the Forgotten Realms environment: - A colorful poster map of Faerûn. - Dozens of new races, abilities and featured character classes. - The wooden pantheons, with more than a hundred deities and power schemes. - Detailed area descriptions, new monsters, mysterious locations and two short adventures to start your campaign. The Forgotten Realms campaign set has been improved and re-dated to reflect the latest release of the D&D game. You may also need the D&D Players Book, the Adventure Masters Book, and the Monsters Book to fully interpret and use this book.

By Greenwood, Reynolds, Williams and Heinsoo Language Hungarian Published: 2000 Size: 344 pages Cover painter: Sherry Floyd, Robert Campbell, Robert Raper ISBN number: 963 9474 45 2 Knitting: Hard cover Translator: Gábor Habony

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Dungeons & Dragons - Forgotten Realms world description

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